Dark Souls 3 1.08: FP, Arrows & Other Changes

Simple-gemmed caestuses need no longer apply in the Dark Souls 3 1.08  patch, as changes to FP and more affect player composition.

What many players who haven’t been with the Souls series since Day 1 don’t realize is that the meta, player composition and balance of power is a constantly changing thing within each entry’s existence. The additional patches may take away an overpowered weapon, while undeservedly nerfing miracles in Dark Souls 2, well into the middle of players’ campaign. Not that anyone remains salty over it.

Further changes are coming to the Dark Souls 3 this Friday, as a representative from Bandai Namco has posted the translated Dark Souls 3 1.08 patch notes on the game’s subreddit, including a major change to how Focus Points work. One of the bullet points is, “Fixed issue where skills could be performed even when a certain amount of FP was not available.”

This means that Dark Souls 3 players who two-hand a weapon in their right hand can no longer hold a Simple Caestus in their left hand. This method would allow slow FP recovery, where even just 1 FP recovered meant a use of a weapon’s art skill. Certain PvP’ers will have to make major adjustments to their build to compensate.

Most of the other fixes and changes to Dark Souls 3 are either practical, cover up bugs or improve gameplay. These include fixing errors for the Leonhard quest line, spell animation synching, the attack power of fist/claw weapons, skills of twin blade weapons, increasing the number of arrows and bolts a player can possess, and “other game balance parameters have been adjusted.”

The adjustment to arrow possession will reduce the number of times players will have to visit the various NPCs around Firelink Shrine, as 198 are burned up too quickly for either PvP or PvE usage. PvP-wise, adjusting the collision for the Washing Pole will hopefully bring a better balance to online multiplayer combat.

Dark Souls 3 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As E3 2016 approaches, we’ll see if any further announcements will be made regarding expansion/DLC.