Mass Effect Andromeda Still Coming In Early 2017

The first official Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay will be shown off at E3, as EA reiterates what we’ve known for months.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be released within the first three months of 2017, according to an update by BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn. Although he said this today, it’s a basic regurgitation of what the EA CFO Blake Jorgenson said back in March, when EA moved the release window for the title from Holiday 2016 to Q1 2017. We covered it here on App Trigger; other sites covered the news. Yet, for some reason, people are pretending this is new news. How about that?

An actual new announcement, albeit one that everyone came to expect with a Q1 2017 Mass Effect Andromeda release, comes in the descriptions of what the new game will bring. The developers at BioWare include “More Freedom” in how you play, “New Uncharted Worlds” (ironically as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is released today) that include enemies, allies and worlds, and “The News Great Mass Effect Experience” by promising advancements with the Frostbite engine.

Finally, something that wouldn’t make sense to avoid, Mass Effect Andromeda will make an appearance at the EA PLAY press conference on June 12, alongside an update. We’ve yet to see any official gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda outside of a sizzle real of the Frostbite engine in work from last year’s EA E3 press conference. Everything else has been unofficial leaks, mostly of content from an early 2014 build that has long since been scrapped. That leak included a larger traversable environment with a protagonist using a jetpack.

The only thing worse than an announcement of an announcement is regurgitating a news story from a different source within a company structure and passing it off as new news. Confirming we will finally get to see Mass Effect Andromeda during the middle of June this year is a meager solace to take.

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