10 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games That Should Be Backwards Compatible

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#1. Darksiders

Granted as a series, Darksiders seems to still have some life left in it. An HD remaster of Darksiders II was just released after all, and why would Nordic games have paid money for the franchise if they weren’t going to do anything with it. But the first Darksiders game seems just to have been lost in the ether, and that’s a shame because it is a great game in its own right while being notably different from its sequel.

It might be hard to tell from the much more mature trappings, but Darksiders is arguably the best attempt at a Zelda game you’ll find on a non-Nintendo console. It features similar progression, a similar puzzle style, but also has a deeper storyline and actual voice acting used to great effects. It even has a horse you can ride! Yup, it’s pretty much Zelda with a more mature theme (though not used an immature way) and more intense combat. Given that games like this, especially that are done this well are pretty rare indeed, it would be great for someone who wants to start the series from the beginning. Or even someone who picks up the remastered Darksiders 2 and thinks, hey, what was the story like from War’s point of view (the sequel runs parallel to the events of the first game)? And I don’t think we are getting an HD remaster of the first game, so backwards compatibility seems like the obvious answer here.

And there’s my list of 10 overlooked Xbox 360 games that should become backwards compatible. Please note that this was a list of overlooked games; therefore, massively popular titles like say Bioshock or Red Dead Redemption do not belong on this list. I also tried to stick with games that I have actually played and can speak to. That being said, what overlooked Xbox 360 games would you want to play on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments!