25 Best Apple TV Apps

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Once upon a time, there was Beats Music. You might know one of the guys who helped that service get off the ground, a gentleman by the name of Dr. Dre.

While the streaming music service was launched with a fair amount of fanfare in early 2012 and was available for Apple TV right away, it was shuttered after only two years. Actually, that’s not 100 percent true, as Beats Music was simply rolled up into Apple Music.

So how does Apple Music work on your Apple TV? Pretty darn well, actually, considering that it’s the preferred streaming music service of the company behind the hardware. Not only does it feature a wide variety of streaming radio stations, including Beats 1, it also provides music recommendations and can save some songs for offline play as well.

The subscription price is $9.99 a month, right around the same as its competitors, and Apple is constantly seeking out deals for more exclusive content, so the value proposition is likely only going to increase as time goes on.

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