Report: Sony Working On Major PS4 Upgrade

The power to support 4K resolution gaming, boost graphical fidelity for PlayStation VR titles and more might be coming to a new PS4, or “PS4.5.”

Lately, we’ve been hearing a ton of information tidbits that lean towards a more unified console space. It began with Microsoft hinting at creating a universal gaming platform within Windows 10 and Xbox Live, albeit with using proprietary Windows app support. Then Microsoft officially announced support for cross-platform play on the Xbox One, with Rocket League being the first place where you can play PC, PS4 and Xbox One players from within one version of the game.

Today takes things to a new level, and this time, it comes from Sony’s handling of the PS4. Kotaku reports from several sources that Sony is currently working on a new version of the PS4 that can support 4K resolution gaming output and power an improved graphical fidelity for future PlayStation VR. Some of the sources appear to be from game developers, whom Sony have briefed at some point leading up to today. Nicknames like “PS4.5” and “PS4K” have been thrown around, although nowhere close to official naming conventions.

No details were provided on how those who currently own a PS4 would upgrade their platform, as the new version includes an upgrade GPU to support that level of gaming. Problems begin to form once you have mid-generation upgrades, as developers will have to cater to two audiences within one restricted network like the PS4 and PS4.5. Do you create two versions for one client base? Do you treat it like a PC release and add numerous graphical and gameplay options? Will online play operate the same between the two?

These questions will be circling Sony for quite some time, especially as we head into the preparatory months leading up to E3 2016. Don’t be surprised if you end up hearing a bunch of BS rumors heading into June, as they will join the neverending rumor adventure that Nintendo fandom perpetually embodies.