Immersion, Google Expand Android Games You Can Feel

Unless someone invents a way to convey smells through smartphones and tablets — and the way mobile technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, I wouldn’t completely rule that possibility — the next sense after sight and sound to be more involved in mobile games is touch. Immersion Corporation has been leading the charge on that front with its advancements in haptic technology, and it’s teamed with Google to bring it to even more Android games.

The number of titles to get a dose of Immersion’s TouchSense Engage has recently been increased, so much so that the games now have their own collection within Google Play called “Games You Can Feel.”

“Adoption of haptic technology is expanding rapidly,” Nick Thomas, senior director and head of mobile gaming at Immersion, said in a press release. “More than 230 million consumers have downloaded games with Immersion’s Gaming SDK. With the new Android mobile game titles we’ve brought on board and our expanded design and technology capabilities, we’re doing more with haptics to create fun and compelling experiences.”

The list of mobile games included in the collection covers a decent range of genres, all calling upon the haptic technology in slightly different ways:

Some sports, some racing, a little casino action and some Pac-Man and Power Rangers. Expect to see more titles get the TouchSense Engage treatment going forward, and who knows? Maybe we’ll be talking about the way a game feels in our reviews in a whole new way before too long.