Will We Be Playing Games On A Giant iPad Next Month?

The most popular use cases for iPads might be watching Netflix and surfing the web, but here at App Trigger, we usually think about them in terms of games. Phones are great, but nothing beats playing iOS games on a full-sized iPad screen.

Except, maybe, for an even bigger iPad Screen. Multiple news outlets, including Business Insider, are reporting that they expect the iPad Pro to be revealed at Apple’s September 9 media event.

The iPad Pro, if that is indeed its final name, is expected to have a 12-inch screen. That’s a significant jump from the 9.7-inch screen on the iPad Air. The other innovation is that it’s supposed to utilize Force Touch (which I still think sounds like a Sith ability from Star Wars) to accept input from a stylus. That’s not as exciting for those of us who mostly use our tablets for gaming, but it is a big deal to people who want to use them for productivity purposes.

We are pumped about the extra screen real estate though. Bigger isn’t always better, and a 12-inch screen might be tricky to hold for certain games, but I could see myself getting quite comfortable with tablet gaming on a 12-inch iPad.

Reports say that the iPad Pro is expected to go on sale in October and that it might not get revealed on the 9th if Apple wants the reveal to be closer to the street date — but don’t be surprised if a super-sized tablet is part of the show next week.

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