Final Fantasy Record Keeper Unlocks 8-Bit Creator

Playing Final Fantasy games is fun enough, but getting turned into a character of your own? That’s taking things to another level.

It’s also something that’s going to happen for some lucky winners thanks to Final Fantasy Record Keeper and the two companies teaming to bring it to the US, Square Enix and DeNA. As part of the promotional campaign for the game that will draw on the entire history of the Final Fantasy franchise, the companies promised rewards after a certain number of fans pre-registered at One of those rewards was called the 8-Bit Creator, which gives people a chance to become 8-bit characters based on their photos.

If you check out the character gallery, you can see that art director Tetsuya Nomura and producer Ichiro Hazama have already been digitized. To realize your dream of becoming an 8-bit sprite of your own, all you need to do is enter here by logging in with your Facebook account. Winners will be contacted by email and asked for a photo. The Final Fantasy Record Keeper team will use that pic to turn into an 8-bit sprite, which will then be provided to the winner as a PNG file.

Simple, right? The contest is open to entries through April 12, and between five and 10 people will win. Final Fantasy Record Keeper is on the way to the West sometime this spring.

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