Vampire Tribunals Sinks Its Fangs Into iOS

As a society, we’re back to scary vampires, right? I think we are, what with The Strain and Dracula Untold out there.

In any case, the move away from sparkly vampires should stop you from wanting to become one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Vampire Tribunals, out now for iOS devices from developer Raincrow Studios and publisher Clazz Games, allows you to plunge yourself into a world that exists beyond our own by using geolocation technology to aid your rise to the top of the vampire food chain.

As a half-vampire, half-human called a damphyr, each player has the ability to sense vampires hiding among mankind. Banding together with other players to form a House and mastering the use of the Deck of Days to cast powerful spells is a big part of the game, along with mastering the Janus Mirror to complete quests at locations all over the globe and attack enemy players.

Vampire Tribunals also features seasonal tournaments called (wait for it …) Tribunals with both local and global leaderboards. Each one consists of World Events that can yield both experience points and valuable items, as well as a grand finale called The Reaping.

Along with multi-faceted social integration, Raincrow also gave the game a unique original story. To get more of the vampire flavor, check out the launch trailer below or head to the App Store and dive right in. Just, um, watch your neck, okay?