Tactics Maiden Out Now On Android, Coming Soon On iOS

If you’re looking for some turn-based strategy to sink your teeth into, Mangobile has just what you’re looking for — just don’t actually bite into your phone or tablet. That could be painful and costly.

Mangobile’s strategy RPG Tactics Maiden, the follow-up to the studio’s Kingturn games, is out now on Google Play for Android and is coming soon to the iOS App Store. A fast-paced but turn-based affair, Tactics Maiden challenges players to master 36 character classes and more than 70 skills in order to conquer enemy outposts in each battle. With a challenging AI and flexible character builds, the game strives to make every skirmish its own unique encounter, and the flexibility and customization options are intended to keep players hooked for an estimated 40 to 60 hours of gameplay.

The first eight scenarios are free, with over 70 others available as a one-time in-app purchase. Need to see more? We’ve got a peek for you thanks to this launch trailer. Check out Tactics Maiden now on Android and keep your eyes peeled for its debut on iOS.

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