Madden NFL Mobile A Victim Of Its Own Popularity?

I’d really like to play some Madden NFL Mobile on my iPad right now. My inbox has about 11 messages in it, mostly for Head-to-Head challenges from other players, and I’m sure there are some worthwhile Live Events going on today as well.

The thing is, most of the times I’ve tried launching the game over the past 24 hours, this screen has been there to greet me:


Server issues on the first weekend for a game with a heavy online component are a way of life for PC and concsole gamers, but it’s not as often that you see them with mobile games. I guess it’s good for EA in a way since it means people are playing Madden NFL Mobile, but it’s certainly not ideal when there are people like me who want to evangelize a bit on behalf of this year’s game in a “hey, you should try it because it’s better than last year” way.

The bright side of the game not being able to communicate with the servers at all times is that I’ve received double rewards for some of the Live Events I’ve been able to complete. On the other hand, if you’ve sent a Head-to-Head challenge to MadHatter0408 and it’s gone unanswered, I’m not ducking you: I just can’t get into the game to answer it.

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