Paximus Prime Weekend Is On In World Of Tanks Blitz

PAX Prime sounds like a good enough reason for some in-game bonuses in World of Tanks Blitz, don’t you think? If your answer to that question was yes, you’ll be pleased to hear that agrees with you.

For what the company is calling Paximus Prime weekend, you can get triple the XP for the first victory of the day in each vehicle in your garage. That runs through Monday, September 1 at 07:00 Eastern time. Miltary time for a military-themed game, see. On top of that, in a first for World of Tanks Blitz, all Equipment costs 25 percent less Credits.

There’s also a brand new offer in the Premium Shop on a pair of German vehicles:

  • The Tier IV Pz. B2 740 is a captured French vehicle with a powerful engine and a rapid-fire cannon. It comes in a bundle with an extra Garage slot for $5.99
  • The Tier VII Panther / M10 is for players who enjoy sniping. Its bundle has a Garage slot and 550 Gold and sells for $17.99

You’ll also want to keep tabs on Wargaming Live during PAX Prime, as there are chances to win Gold, Premium time and Premium tanks. And if you sign in to your Twitch account and live in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll be eligible for physical prizes as well.

So yeah, it’s Labor Day weekend, but it’s Paximus Prime weekend too. Get in on the action by downloading World of Tanks Blitz for free from the iOS App Store.

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