Dungeon-Shooter Storm Casters Now Just 99 Cents

It’s a sad truth of the current state of the video game industry that just making a good game isn’t always enough to keep studios afloat. That’s as true for mobile games as it is for console or PC developers.

Hence, Get Set Games, the maker of the awesome, action-packed dungeon-shooter (a genre I just made up!) Storm Casters recently did some downsizing and is even thinking that premium wasn’t the way to go. A free-to-play Storm Casters wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, though with its collectible card game elements, it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Fortunately, there’s a way to help the developers out at least a little and get a really good game in the process: go buy Storm Casters right now in the iOS App Store for just 99 cents. That’s 80 percent off its regular price and well worth it for a game that could easily become your go-to tablet game when you just want to blow up a lot of bad guys.

(via Gamezebo)

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