WWE SuperCard Gets 1.5 Million Downloads In First Week

It turns out the members of the WWE Universe are pretty excited about the idea of a mobile card battle game featuring the Superstars and Divas they see on TV and in arenas every week.

As 2K revealed today, that game, WWE SuperCard, exceeded 1.5 million downloads across iOS and Android devices in its first week of release. Players have already racked up 18 million unique sessions, recorded more than 82 million victories in Exhibition Mode and taken on other players’ teams in half a million King of the Ring seasons.

“In less than one week, WWE SuperCard broke 2K’s records and became one of the company’s most popular free-to-play games to date,” Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K, said in a press release. “WWE SuperCard is a fun, engaging and addictive game for mobile game enthusiasts, WWE fans and card collectors alike, bringing the larger-than-life action of WWE straight to their mobile devices to engage with at home or on-the-go.”

wwe-supercard-headerCritics agree with the fans, as the game has so far managed an 84 on Metacritic , with sites like Gamezebo appreciating the large roster of WWE stars both past and present, the fact that there’s no energy or stamina mechanic and the fairness of its free-to-play system. And while we weren’t quite as crazy about it here at App Trigger, we did say that people who love the world’s dominant force in sports entertainment will want to check out this game.

Though 2K had already committed to expanding the card lineup and adding more wrestlers to the game going forward, this early success will no doubt make that an even higher priority. You can see what other fans have already found so much fun by downloading WWE SuperCard for free in the iOS App Store, Google Play for Android or in the Amazon Appstore.

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