Even Swing Copters Can't Fly By Messenger On iOS Free App Chart

Swing Copters, the follow-up to the unlikely mobile gaming phenomenon known as Flappy Bird, looks like it will be a hit. It just isn’t showing signs of becoming a full-blown craze like its predecessor.

The latest game from Flappy Bird inventor Dong Nguyen is fourth on the iOS free downloads chart this week according to App Annie, and another high profile free-to-play game, Star Wars: Commander, is currently sixth. Neither could muster up enough downloads to prevent Facebook’s Messenger app from reigning again, as it continues to look like Facebook made the right move from a business standpoint by stripping chat from its standalone app. Swing Copters got as close as number two on its second and third days of release but could never quite grab the top spot.

On the paid iOS app chart, fantasy football apps are making a strong showing with the pro football season approaching, but it’s an old favorite, Minecraft, that is number one. The Android charts have exactly the same leaders in each category: Facebook Messenger for free apps, Minecraft for paid apps and Clash of Clans number one on the top-grossing list.

All chart info can be found by creating a free account at AppAnnie.com.

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