Swing Copters Clones Already Being Flushed Out Of Google Play

That didn’t take long. As pretty much anyone with a smartphone or tablet remembers, Dong Nguyen’s ridiculously simple but successful first game, Flappy Bird, spawned tons of clones. It seemed like everyone wanted to ride on Flappy Bird‘s coattails, clogging app stores with intentionally misleading, extremely similar games.

For Nguyen’s latest game, Swing Copters, the cloners were ready in advance. It was barely even out when Google Play was besieged by games that straight up copied Swing Copters. To get an idea of how bad it was, check out the following screenshot of Google Play that Polygon snagged a few days ago:


Google was on the case quickly, eliminating the most heinous offenders. As Phandroid reports, there’s not a whole lot Google can do about games that emulate Swing Copters in concept and execution, but I’d classify those as copycats and not clones. One makes you roll your eyes a bit, while the other can actually be dangerous.

So to all you one-person app studios out there, here’s some advice: if you’ve got a funny idea for a Swing Copters copycat, by all means, go for it. But please stop wasting our time with clones. There’s nothing funny about them.

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