Pentumble Rolls, Flips And Sticks Its Way Onto iOS

As you know if you’ve read any of my mobile games coverage here or elsewhere, you know I like when games have titles that let you know exactly what you should expect when you play them. You can go for clever if you want, but Flappy Bird pretty much tells you everything you need to know in two words.

Helftone’s new iOS platformer Pentumble is in that same vein. The character you control has five limbs, each equipped with a suction cup so you can cling to any part of a platform, including the underside, and tumbling is a good way to describe the way it rolls and flis its way through the game’s 36 levels.

With simple controls, carefully tuned, physics-based levels and some creative new types of platforms, Pentumble is aiming for the sweet spot between playability and challenge. And to celebrate its release this week on the App Store (and the Mac Store, for that matter), you can grab it for $1.99, 33 percent off its regular price.

Need to see more? Check out the gameplay trailer below and see if you, too, want to give out some props for a game well-named:

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