Nival Readies 3D Strategy Game Etherlords For September 4 iOS Release

When developers say something like “such and such genre has never looked so good on mobile,” sometimes their claims need to be taken with a grain of salt. That might not be the case for Nival, though, as the veteran strategy game developer is getting ready to unleash the amazing-looking Etherlords on iOS on September 4.

Created in Unity and played from an isometric perspective, Etherlords uses a world-building gameplay mechanic inspired by the board game Carcassone. Players use resources to build tiles, which represent different types of terrain. In turn, these tiles generate both Ether and creatures which can be collected and sent into battle.

etherlords-fusionThere are over 180 creatures ready to roll, some of which can be created by fusing others together. This helps lend an element of unpredictability to the game’s asynchronous PvP battles, which feature both user-generated worlds and creatures.

The best parts? Etherlords has no energy mechanic, so Nival says you can play it until your “iOS devices run out” of power. And it doesn’t require a constant internet connection, so you can play PvE or make your PvP moves even when you’re offline.

Sounds ambitious, but that’s just the way strategy fans like their games. Check out the trailer below and get ready to head to the iOS App Store the first week of September to experience Etherlords for yourself.


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