DeNA's Pirate Bash Sets Sail On iOS And Android

DeNA and Kung Fu Factory want you to plunder some other players on your iOS and Android devices, so grab your eyepatch and your parrot.

Not fur use in real life (though you could, I suppose, as long as you agree to talk like a pirate), mind you. Those props would just be to set the proper tone for Pirate Bash, a free-to-play, PvP-focused game of strategic, turn-based battles that launched today. I’d say it set sail, but I already used that metaphor in the headline.

As a pirate captain, the game challenges you to command some colorful, block-shaped characters with their own strengths and weaknesses, then arm them with an array of weapons in order to out-play the competition and rise up the PvP leaderboards.

“The fun and easy-to-pickup controls combined with the strategic gameplay and action-packed PvP mode in Pirate Bash brings out the swash buckling captain in every mobile game player,” Nobuyoshi Fujimori, producer at DeNA, said in a press release.


Have we got a trailer to show off a little more about what Pirate Bash is all about? Aye, matey, we sure do!

Oh, and you can pillage the game from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. I’ll stop now, promise.

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