Report: Verizon Planning Its Own Android-Based App Store

If at first you don’t succeed in changing the way users get their mobile apps, try, try again.

At least that seems to be the plan for Verizon. Uncomfirmed reports have surfaced today that the company is planning on creating its own app store — something it has tried before — and is seeking partners for the venture.

What will be different this time around? That’s the big money question, but it appears that the idea is that the new store will be smarter and more social, able to recommend apps using things like location, time of day and the activites of friends as parameters.

It’s an interesting idea in theory, particularly since Google Play isn’t exactly user friendly (the Verizon app store would be for Android apps, for obvious Apple-related reasons). It also speaks to an undeniable fact: since Google and Apple get a cut of the revenue from every app in their respective ecosystems, there’s really no incentive for either company to make finding and downloading or buying any particular apps any easier. There’s no difference in the bottom line if App X is making $500,000 a month and App Y is making $50 a month or vice versa if your cut is the same.

Maybe Verizon will be able to change that equation in some way that no one has thought of yet, but history, even the company’s own, is against it.

(via CITEWorld)

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