You Can Now Get An Uber Ride While Using Other Apps

I can attest from first-hand experience that getting a ride using the Uber app is already pretty simple. I used it for the first time earlier this year to catch a ride from Logan International Airport by downloading while waiting by the baggage claim and couldn’t believe how easy the process was.

Despite that, Uber just took a big step toward making it even easier. As reported by PC World, Uber has opened up its API to other companies, meaning they can incorporate an Uber button into their own apps. Mobile users will be able to check pickup times and get fare estimates from any app whose developers choose to make those options available.

Because requesting a ride dispatches a driver immediately, Uber is testing the waters with this feature in a more limited fashion. Some of the apps that will get to participate in this experiment right off the bat include Starbucks, United Airlines, TripAdvisor, OpenTable and Expensify.

Travel and restaurant apps make perfect matches for Uber, as it’s in those companies’ best interest to make getting to and from places as convenient as possible. Similarly, it really makes no difference to the ride-sharing service if users book rides through its native app or somewhere else, provided they are, indeed, booking rides.

Look for even more companies to partner with Uber in this fashion, and for the ride-requesting functionality to spread as long as it’s not causing too many issues.

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