Ignore No More App Does Exactly What It Says For Parents Trying To Contact Their Kids

If you’re a parent with children old enough to have their own smartphones, you may have long since given up on the battle to win their attention from those mobile devices.

But maybe you don’t have to thanks to the Ignore No More app. Devised by Sharon Standifird of Houston, a teacher with a vested interest in this particular area since she’s a mom herself, the app gives parents the ability to lock their kids’ phones until they check in. It still allows the phone to be used for calling an emergency responder if necessary, but otherwise it’s like a 21st Century version of being grounded — no games, apps, texts or calls to friends until they contact mom or dad.

Ignore No More obviously fills a need for parents, attracting the notice of the national media and even getting featured on Today. Interestingly, it’s only available on Android for the time being (at a price of $1.99), though an iOS version is supposedly in the works.

If you’ve been looking for a solution like this yourself, you can grab Ignore No More from Google Play or visit its website for more details.

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