Flappy Bird Creator Ready To Fly Again With Swing Copters, Coming This Week

It’s almost impossible to predict what Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is going to do next, so it’s nice when he just tells all of us what he’s going to do. It’s even better when that thing he’s working on is going to be available to the public very soon.

Both of those good things just converged. Touch Arcade editor Eli Hodapp got an exclusive hands-on session with Nguyen’s newest game, Swing Copters, which just happens to be coming out this week — August 21, to be precise.

As you can see in this gameplay video, it’s fair to say Nguyen didn’t venture too far from what he knows, as Swing Copters is a lot like Flappy Bird turned on its side:

Hodapp is one of the sharpest minds covering mobile gaming anywhere, so if he vouches for its addictiveness, you better believe Swing Copters has a chance to be another winner. The difference is that it won’t be a surprise this time, and expectations will be high.

The more interesting question will be whether Nguyen has come to terms with the supposed moral quandary he had that caused him to pull Flappy Bird. To help be part of the answers to these questions, look for Swing Copters on the 21st as a free download with a 99-cent option to remove all ads.

(via Gamezebo)

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