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New Normal App Plays Detective For Your Battery Life

Shorter than expected battery life can be a real bummer. It’s also a problem that can feel like a hopeless one, since it’s not always clear which apps are doing the damage to that little battery indicator on your phone or tablet.

normal-suggestionsTwo really smart guys have come up with a way to help. How do I know they’re smart? Well, they have Ph.Ds from Stanford, so that’s proof enough for me.

Anyway, the founders of Kuro Labs have a new app called Normal that is out now on the iOS App Store. Normal works by taking samples of data points like what device you have, what apps you are running at any given time and your battery level and analyzes them along with data from other users, runs it all through some proprietary algorithms and presto! No, not magic, but it might as well be, as the end result is insight into which apps use the most power and how much battery life you can save by killing them.

For just 99 cents, this is the kind of information that can make your mobile life a little more tolerable. It’s not going to take away your wish for a battery that never runs low, but it’ll help you come to terms with the one you’ve got.

Until Apple comes up with phones and tablets that work on internal cold fusion, this’ll have to do.

(via TechCrunch)

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