Young Users Prefer Snapchat To Twitter, Vine, Tumblr

It’s tough to keep track of what young mobile users, the so-called millennials, currently prefer when it comes to apps. For example, earlier this year, it was reported that teens were bailing out on Facebook in large numbers. Just a few months ago, it turned out that same group reported using Facebook more than they did the previous year.

A recent study by ComScore finds that the Facebook app is still plenty popular among millennials, who use it more than any other social app. But there’s a surging contender in this space: Snapchat, which now ranks third behind Facebook and Instagram among social apps, and ahead of Twitter, Vine and Tumblr, among others.

Here’s how the social apps rank among millennials in terms of the percentage of users who report using them:


What that shows is that while Snapchat’s photos may disappear from the people’s phones to which they’re sent, the app is far from doing the same thing. The ComScore report concludes that Snapchat appears to be in a “sweet spot” of user adoption, particularly with the 18-24-year old crowd, that bodes well for its ongoing success.

It’s certainly catching on with young mobile users faster than some of its more ballyhooed competitors. TechCrunch thinks it might be because Snapchat messages don’t stick around to haunt the people who send them a la Facebook posts or tweets.

That’s food for thought for anyone in the social app space.

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