Skylanders: Trap Team Headed For iOS, Android Tablets Same Day As Console Release

In an interesting move that could signal the beginning of a trend worth watching, Activision is launching a tablet version of the next game in its unstoppable Skylanders juggernaut on the same day it comes out for consoles.

Mashable reports that Skylanders: Trap Team will release on October 5 for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices. Vicarious Visions is the studio handling the tablet version, which is intended to be as close as possible to its console cousins.

Of course a key component of any Skylanders title is the portal that brings the figures placed on it to life in the game, and the tablet editions will come with one that works via Bluetooth, as well as a controller that connects the same way. Those items plus a stand for tablets will come packaged in a bundle for $75.99.

It’s a shrewd move by Activision, which has already taken the Skylanders franchise to every possible piece of dedicated gaming hardware. Bringing the games to tablets allows the company to reach out to perhaps the only possible audience it had yet to reach, meaning people who like playing games but don’t own any consoles or a Nintendo 3DS. Other publishers will no doubt be watching carefully to see if mobile day-and-date releases make sense for console games with broad demographic appeal.

The only real downside here is for parents who thought they were safe from their children asking them for Skylanders because there wasn’t a gaming console in the house. Better hide that iPad or Android tablet too!

(via Gamezebo)


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