In Honor Of Shark Week, The Sharknado Game Will Be Free At Midnight

How’s everyone’s Shark Week going? Hopefully the thrill hasn’t worn off yet.

Mobile developer Other Ocean has a good idea to spice up one of the best weeks of the summer: it’s making Sharknado: The Video Game free to download starting at midnight tonight. That’s a 100 percent discount from its current price of 99 cents on the iOS App Store. Coincidentally, it’s also a 100 percent discount on its launch price of $2.99.

It’s most likely the only mobile game that gives you the ability to charge into a sharknado wielding a chainsaw. And to give the widest range of people the experience that only Ian Ziering has had so far, it seemed only right to make the game free.

“This time of year is about more than receiving, it’s about giving too,” Sharknado: The Video Game director Frank Cifaldi said in a statement. “Our only regret is that we have but one Sharknado game to give.”

Actually, I believe he’s getting Shark Week mixed up with Christmas in July, but it’s a nice sentiment all the same. Enjoy your free Sharknado.

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