Trigger Happy Wants You To Tap To Play Against Friends

Not feeling all that social? Indie publisher Trigger Happy wants to help shake you out of being a mobile games hermit. When it releases Tap to Play on the iOS App Store on August 14, its hub of 10 casual games, the social features will be a big part of the draw.

Already soft-launched in markets like the UK, Canada and Australia, Tap to Play takes simple gameplay in genres like platformers and match-3 and makes competing against other people a key part of the experience. Though the games have solo modes for practice, its obvious that the multiplayer and social stream that includes chat, challenges and achievements are intended to be the key parts of the experience. Facebook integration allows friends to be easily added, but random opponents are also an option if you’d rather leave the social network out of the equation.

The idea is that the initial 10 Tap to Play games will be followed by more, which gamers will be able to unlock via coins and XP earned through gameplay. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases of upgrades and boosts for the individual games.

The launch video below shows off some gameplay and how easy it is to interact with like-minded folks. Look for Tap to Play on iPhone and iPad next week.

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