Marvelous Games Revs Up Touch Racing 2

If you’ve got an iPad or iPhone, get ready to race. Marvelous Games and Genera Mobile, the team behind RunBot and Disney’s Frozen Free Fall, are combining forces to breathe new life into an established mobile racing series with Touch Racing 2.

A follow-up to the 2010 title Touch Racing Nitro, the new game is designed so that anyone can pick it up and learn it in seconds, but also has enough depth and strategy to ensure people want to keep playing. It also boasts a deep tuning and cusomization system, with 150 performnace upgrades to engines, spoilers and tires, as well as hundreds more aesthetic options like custom paints and neons.

“Creating Touch Racing 2 has been a great and rewarding experience,” lead programmer Gonzalo Santos said in a press release. “We set out to create a game that we ourselves would enjoy as gamers – something that can be played in bite sized portions but still remains a challenge throughout. With Touch Racing 2 I think we have achieved that goal, and hope players enjoy it as much as we have.”

The solo gameplay starts you out as an unknown newcomer to the competitive RC racing scene, working your way up by mastering a variety of vehicles. Touch Racing 2 also has a significant multiplayer component, with asynchronous duels against Facebook friends or random opponents serving as great ways to earn cash for more upgrades.

Touch Racing 2 fuses the best of modern-day smartphone racers like CSR or Real Racing with arcade classics like Micro Machines or Super Sprint,” Marvelous Games product manager Steven Tarry said in a statement. “We’ve worked really hard to create what we think is the best and most natural racing game control system seen on a touchscreen to date.”


We did mention you get to race boats and off-road vehicles as well as cars, right? Check out the launch trailer and look for it in the iOS App Store on August 7. And Android gamers, keep your eyes peeled, as a version for your devices is on the way in the near future.

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