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Facebook makes Messenger its lone app for mobile chat

A few days from now, chat through the Facebook app will be a thing of the past.

As reported by PC World and other outlets, Facebook is doing away with mobile chat through its standard Facebook app, shifting its efforts in that area to its Messenger app. Facebook announced its intentions to perform this switch a few months ago, and it’s following through in an effort to pump up the number of users who download Messenger, which currently has less than 20 percent of the installs of Facebook’s regular app.

It’s a logical move for Facebook, which would like everyone to use both apps. Users will receive chat notifications in the Facebook app going forward, but they’ll have to use Messenger if they want to respond.

Will this move make an impact on your daily chatting activities? Or do you use one of the many, many other chat apps to handle your chatting while on the go? Drop us a comment below and let us know whether you’ll be downloading Messenger soon.

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