Dark Ages, Part 2 Descends On Plants Vs. Zombies 2

You didn’t think the Dark Ages were going to only last 10 levels, did you?

Perish the thought. Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time got another update today from PopCap, adding 10 more levels with Dark Ages, Part 2. It’s more medieval struggle against the undead, whose ranks have been bolstered by the arrival of the Wizard Zombie, who manages to sport some serious facial hair despite not being alive. Also, his magic can turn plants into sheep; the effect is temporary but devastating, as the sheep don’t seem to be quite as motivated to fight off zombies as the plants do.

Speaking of the plants, they get a new recruit (provided you can beat level 15 of the Dark Ages) called the Magnet-shroom, a handy little fellow with the power to remove helmets and other metal objects from zombies. In other words, Knight Zombies and Buckethead Peasants get an immediate downgrade. There’s also the new premium Pea-nut, sort of a cross between a Peashooter and a Wall-nut whose flavor text says that he’s “sensitive to the conerns” of folks who are allergic to him but “can’t help but miss the good old days – back when he was the most popular nut around.” Funny, that.

A knew Pinata Party is also underway with some tricky challenges related to the Dark Ages theme. It’s hard to believe there’s anyone who hasn’t downloaded Plants vs. Zombies 2 who has even the lsightest interest, but just in case, you can grab it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

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