Shadow Fight 2 Sneaks And Smacks Its Way Onto Android

It’s tough work being the shadow of a ninja. Sometimes you have to fight your way through hell, literally, just to try to become whole again. While some people complain about their bosses, the bosses you’ve got to overcome are demons. For real.

But hey, it’s all in the name of fun when it’s a mobile game, which it actually is: Nekki’s Shadow Fight 2, where battles between silhouettes never looked so good. Its mix of old school beat-em-up style gameplay and fluid, stylized graphics has already proven a hit on iOS, so the developers decided to give Android users a shot at it as well.

Shadow Fight 2 was built specifically with touchscreen devices in mind and will run on a wide variety of devices using Android 3.0 or higher. It features a mix of fighting-game and RPG elements, a customizable skill tree and thousands of weapon and armor combinations for your shadow warrior.

Nekki’s plans for the future of the game include more chapters, bosses and gear, international leaderboards and competitive PvP. Check it out now by downloading it for free from Google Play or check out the trailer below to get yourself in the proper mood.

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