Award-Winning PC Game Thomas Was Alone Fully Mobile

There’s no reason PC gamers should get all the good stuff. Thomas Was Alone, the indie PC hit by Mike Bithell and Bossa Studios, already made its first step toward going mobile when it released for iPad back in May, but it went all the way this week by showing up in universal iOS and Android versions.

It wasn’t the graphics that were the sticking point, as Thomas Was Alone is about the “gentle geometric adventures of a group of quirky quadrilaterals,” as in four-sided shapes. These are shapes with personality, though, and the unique puzzle platformer won Danny Wallace a BAFTA Award in 2013 for Best Performer thanks to his voice-over work as the narrator. The game itself was also nominated for BAFTAs for Best Story and Best Music.

To celebrate its newfound mobility, Thomas Was Alone is selling for a special price of $3.99 on both the iOS App Store and Google Play until July 28, at which point it revert to its regular price of $5.99.

Don’t let Thomas stay alone. Check out the trailer and at least think about uniting him with his fellow rectangles.



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