Transport Empire Rolls, Steams And Flies Its Way Onto Android

There’s no way for you to be the King of All Meida, because Howard Stern has laid claim to that title for years. You could, however, be King of Logistics (that’s just one kingdom over from All Media, I believe) by being really good at Game Insight’s Transport Empire, and now you can do it on Android devices.

Previously released on iOS, Transport Empire asks you to restore the once-prosperous county of Storwell by building a transportation network that can grow to include trains, steamboats and airships. The management challenge requires you to have a firm grasp on both logistics and resource production, as there are mines, quarries and farms to build. Improving the quality of life for the residents of Storwell is also part of your aim.

Moving the game from iOS to Android wasn’t a huge deal since it was built on Unity.

“One of the important tasks while developing the game was to make Transport Empire graphically beautiful, so that it would stand out among other mobile games,” Game Insight president of production Alexander Vashchenko said in a statement. “Choosing Unity engine helped us achieve this goal perfectly.”

You can see what he’s talking about by downloading this tycoon-style simulation for free on Google Play. Just remember, that crown is up for grabs.

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