Throw More Combos In Latest Real Boxing Update

Anyone who follows the sweet science knows that one punch at a time simply won’t do. Combos are where it’s at, and the latest update for Real Boxing allows players to throw them with bad intentions — and in boxing, that’s actually a good thing.

Here’s what developer Vivid Games has to say about the gameplay additions in the latest update, which is live now on the iOS App Store and coming soon to Google Play for Android:

With the addition of a brand new Combo System, players can now unleash a furious barrage of devastating punches upon the opponent, skillfully combining lightning fast jabs, powerful hooks and brutal uppercuts into a chain of up to nine hits, making Real Boxing feel faster, more fluid, and deeply satisfying.

Yep, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as bouncing your fists off an opponent’s head multiple times in a row! Speaking of opponents, the Social Panel has been enhanced with Twitter sharing so you can brag more publicly about how you’ve embarrassed them. And if the foes you come across aren’t posing enough of a challenge, a new set of Weekly Tournaments, each with their own special rules, should require you to tap into your inner Floyd Mayweather in order to come out on top.

Watch the video below to learn even more about the Combo System, and grab Real Boxing for free right now on the iOS App Store.

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