LetterHero Lets You Spell Like A Champ On iOS Devices

Look, Weird Al is right: people don’t know how to write or spell these days. I’m not suggesting that a mobile game can solve that problem all by itself, but there’s one out now that might at least be able to provide part of the solution.

LetterHero_screenshotThe game in question is called LetterHero, and it’s out now for iOS devices. Created by Kwesi Buabeng and his studio Multiple Codes, it challenges players to spell words — real, actual words — from streams of letters that scroll either right to left or left to write. To make things a little more interesting, there are power-ups and achievements, all helping people go for the highest scores possible.

And in this case, there’s some real incentive to chase down those high scores. LetterHero is a free download that is supported by ads. An ad-free version can be unlocked by paying $1.99 (also granting access to the WordList, a collection of all the words ever played) or players can chase away the ads by hitting a score of 350 points.

It’s an unusual feature for a free-to-play game, but one that Buabeng says he was glad to include.

“Skilled players should be able to get more out of the game,” Buabeng said in a press release. “Knowing that a few of our players were able to hit 350 points in a single game and disable ads would actually make me quite happy. In the end, LetterHero was created to deliver something new to word games – and there’s no better way to do so than by rewarding our best players.”

Watch the launch trailer for a closer look at the gameplay, and don’t despair if you’re not an iOS user. Multiple Codes knows everyone needs to learn how to spell more words, and an Android version is on the way too.

Somehow, we think Weird Al would approve.


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