New Report Sheds Light On App Store At Six

Believe it or not, the iOS App Store celebrated its sixth birthday this week. It’s done with kindergarten and should be all set for first grade in the fall.

What do we know about the little guy (or girl, granted) and the way he’s grown? A new report from the app analytics form adjust has some answers. Specifically, it digs into the entire life cycle of apps as it exists today.

Birth of an App

Up to 60,000 apps are added to the App Store every month, though the number of iOS exclusives is trending downward as more companies aim for simultaneous launch on Android or other platforms. For 2013, over 435,000 new apps made their debut.

Death of an App

Since the App Store was created, just over 1.6 billion different apps have made an appearance there. Roughly 350 thousand of them have since “died,” meaning they’ve been pulled from the App Store and are no longer available for download. That’s a rate of 21.8 percent, with adjust finding no correlation between reviews or rankings and those apps’ demise. It seems death in the app world, just as it does in the real world, still holds some mysteries.

Zombie Apps

These aren’t apps about zombies (though some of those are no doubt popular), but rather apps that shamble on despite failing to attract enough users to ran on any of the App Store top lists. And considering there are more than 39,000 of those lists, not making any of them means people probably aren’t finding that app. That’s a long-winded way of saying that discoverability is still a big issue, especially since adjust found more zombies than ever in the iOS ecosystem.

“As the App Store and the apps within it mature, more than ever it becomes essential for marketers to look at new techniques to re-engage existing users and get ROI,” Christian Henschel, CEO and co-founder of adjust, said in a press release. “The report that we’ve released today shows the development of the App Store and highlights the critical need for marketers to engage key audiences for ensuring the longevity and visibility of their app.”

The entire report is online at

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