Console And PC Bike Racer Urban Trial Freestyle Hits iOS

Having already unleashed Urban Trial Freestyle on the PlayStation Network, Nintendo 3DS and PC last year, Tate Multimedia is letting mobile gamers in on the fun too. The full game is available now as a paid download on the iOS App Store, alongside a trial version (appropriately enough) that can be downloaded for free.

The full version contains over 40 levels set in five interactive environments, along with three game modes: Stunt, Time Attack and Challenge. Other features include a track editor with over 150 objects, full Facebook integration, two control schemes and dozens of bike and rider customization options.

Even the scaled-down trial edition isn’t too shabby, as it has two game modes, four tracks and the track editor along for the ride. Tate Multimedia consulted with Julien Dupont during the making of the game, and even though I’m not familiar with the man’s work, I have it on good authority that he’s the “godfather of urban trial freestyle.” Yes, there are some similarities to the Trials games, but that’s not a bad thing.

As with many, many things, you’re much better off watching the iOS launch trailer and making up your own mind rather than taking my word for it. Conveniently, that’s what this video below is:

Urban Trial Freestyle – Bike Racing – iOS… by GamingMajstros

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